We have developed a good working relationship with Donna over the years and we have been very satisfied with everything she has done to quickly resolve any issues that have arisen.



Donna has worked great with this company while helping our employees choose the best products to suit their needs.


We have formed a comfortable relationship with Donna and know that whatever issues may arise, she can and will handle. As a store owner, it makes my job easier to have someone that is familiar with the way we work and our needs in this position.


We are very pleased with Donna’s services.


I am writing on behalf of the Dr. and the employees of this company. We established a relationship with Donna Cooper and would like her to continue servicing our Aflac policies as long as they are offered to our employees.


Donna Cooper has been very professional and helpful.




I was born and raised Mississippi Girl. Life is never what you can predict, so after 6 years of insurance sales and educating others, I make a discovery. But, we can talk about that later. When I finished high school, I knew I was going into college, so I began the adventure. College was awesome because I went with my best friend. I learned more than I thought possible, met someone and had children. It took a while, but I finally got my degree, three children later. After working in several fields from McDonalds, Walmart, Waiting tables, teaching to finally Comptroller. Now, I am an advisor and educator on possible solutions to life’ opportunities and possibilities. I am loving everyday!

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